How do we fight all this complete misconcept­ion of what constitute­s the source of our economic problems when it seems that historical data from the depression doesn’t matter, the horrendous economic legacy of the Bush years doesn’t matter, and the economic facts coming out of Europe’s failed austerity programs don’t matter either. What are we to do? You attempt to have a rational discourse with these people and show them empirical data and they come back with the same nonsensica­l arguments, social security is bankrupt, taxes are costing us jobs, regulation­s are costing us jobs, unions are job killers, privatize everything and finally government is the problem.Wh­at really gets me is that the GOP policies pushed us into becoming a consumer spending driven society or at least 70% driven, and then when the economy implodes and those consumers do the responsibl­e thing and start paying down their debt instead of doing their previous job and spend to keep the economy rolling, the GOP is left with their pants down because they don’t know what to do now that the only source of spending to fuel the economy is broke. This is what has happened and is happening and by starving the beast they are actually killing the beast.
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