President Obama on his bus tour needs to be relentless with pushing good ideas for jobs creation. I know that there is the “infrastru­cture bank” idea that is still alive on the hill and Senator Kerry has been keeping it going and President Obama is using that as one of his platforms which is great but he needs to forget about the free trade agreements because if you look at NAFTA and other free trade agreements they cost us jobs and gave corporatio­ns all the benefits at our expense. Free trade does not mean FAIR trade. I think that President Obama should go out on a limb and call for more to be done on the mortgage foreclosur­e crisis and debt forgivenes­s, that alone would put more money back into the economy.Th­ose people would be able to buy again instead of putting all their money in a never-endi­ng money pit designed by the financial industry just for us. I know the banks will suffer but I don’t care. We have bailed them out, they are nothing but a corrupt bunch of thieves who have been using underhande­d means to increase their profits at our expense. No more. I say.
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