I have a lot of respect for Mr. Eskow and his insights, as I do for Mr. Wendall Potter. These are two men who have been in the business, know of what they are talking about and are courageous enough to share the mindset from within the correspond­ing lairs of Wall Street and the health insurance companies. I am of the mind and have always been that full frontal capitalism does not work for society at large and that there is no such thing as the “free market”. The free market is a GOP myth and it only applies in their eyes to those less fortunate. The oil companies, Wall Street, corporatio­ns at large do not live in a free market world. The GOP has them on “corporate welfare” and we see this every day. So I can’t understand why the GOP and Tea Party base can’t open their eyes and see the huge hypocrisy that the GOP peddles. Honestly, I prefer my capitalism to be warm and fuzzy, not cut throat or kill or be killed. Can’t we just hug it out?
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