I blog as “myself”. It never occurred to me to do otherwise. I suppose if I had a blog-site that had a purpose such as critiquing food, or giving ideas for recipes or writing a novel and presenting it on the blog, chapter by chapter, weekly, like they did in Edgar Allen Poe’s time, I would give my blog-site a title but I don’t think I would be anonymous about it. I would still give my name as the author.

I’ve never been creative in that way, I’m better at creating a well turned out phrase, but to come up with some clever, witty pseudonym, that isn’t up my alley. For the most part, what you see is what you get. I try to be honest and writing my blog as “myself” keeps me honest and in the moment. There will be an evolution of style, (at least I really hope so) content and even thought processes and I would like the audience to take the journey with me, as they know me.

I belong to the Huffington post community and I therefore can contribute comments on articles and bloggers themselves. I comment as “myself” because it never occurred to me to adopt a screen name. I do have to say that I get a real kick at the screen names I see everyday. There are so many clever ones, some of them are bigfootJesus, Safire and perhaps my favorite, Juicybrisket. They crack me up and put a smile on my face. Sometimes I write something that resonates with someone and they click me as a fan, which is exciting to me because a total stranger liked what I said enough to “fan” me. It makes me feel as good as the comrades in arms I have, who subscribe to my posts. I have to say that postaday2011 is such a great group to be a part of, and I ‘m so glad to have stumbled onto this site and decided to expand my horizons and start writing. I like posting as “me”, I feel like I am sharing with the world at large and it appeals to me. It is cathartic to say the least and I think that I’m getting better at it with the daily exercise of writing. I have just started and I’m curious to see where this leads me, how much further I will go and how many twists and turns I will encounter? I’m good for the ride, are you?