New York City Subway R Train

I was on the N train going to work early on Saturday morning. This was in New York. The subway car had maybe 10 people, including myself. As a group, we were still half asleep, this African-American woman with with long straight black

hair was walking back and forth in the car mumbling to herself at first. Being New Yorkers, no one paid much attention to her. I guess that annoyed her because she started talking loudly and complaining about stuff, I don't remember what, but since we were still ignoring her, she got slightly more annoyed. She then whipped her shirt off and walked up and down holding her big breasts and yelling "these are real!". That still didn't get her the attention she wanted because she felt the need to up the ante by whipping off her wig and throwing it on the floor. By this time some of us started to laugh, in shock by this time, I think. What happened after that I don't know because it was finally my stop and I got off the magical mystery tour.

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