I don’t understand the dynamics going on in the White House, Geithner is leading the economic agenda which is lousy for us the middle class because his policies help two groups in particular­, big banks and Wall Street. He fails to see that Wall Street can only do well on its own for a short period of time, if Main Street doesn’t come back into the game, Wall Street loses in the end. Bernanke lied when he said that he was a student of the depression­, or maybe he didn’t lie, he just failed to mention that he got an F in class. I thought that Larry Summers was influencin­g Geithner in the White House but that didn’t seem to be the case because as soon as Summers was out, he was saying that we need a second huge stimulus. President Obama needs to put these advisers aside and listen to all the e-mails and letters to people send him. He must realize that we need JOBS and soon. We wouldn’t be mad at him if he stood up to the GOP and stop accommodat­ing them at the negotiatin­g table. Heck, he doesn’t even have to negotiate that much anymore. Just do something.
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