President Obama needs to keep the message loud and clear that eight years of horrible economic policy cannot be righted overnight. He needs to reiterate time and again that under Bush’s recession the economy hemorrhage­d 8 million jobs, the stimulus that he was able to get saved and/or created 3 million jobs. The GOP has been a party of NO and No to JOBS bills since 2009 ans Standard’s & Poor’s clearly stated that the downgrade is exclusivel­y a tea party downgrade. The NYT has expressive­ly stated that the GOP does not know hot to govern at all during these extremely difficult economic times. President Obama needs to remind everyone that he has constantly been pitching for green technology jobs, he helped save the U.S auto industry, the new battery revolution in the U.S came about because of his stimulus program. The President can’t wait for the news to say these things. he has to say them so that we are constantly reminded not to pay any heed to the crazies on the right.
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