I disagree with the last sentence. It won’t be fascinatin­g to watch, it will be frightenin­g. To think that these candidates are actually running on these platforms and really believe that they will be elected to be President is scary. Romney might be the moderate of the bunch but he has shown himself to be the ultimate spineless politician by catering the the radical notions of the tea party. Bachmann is a hypocrite though I don’t know if she actually understand­s why she is one. I can’t decide if she is down right delusional or really calculatin­g or both. Perry is now in and he has those extreme religious groups with him so that is off putting to say the least. What really stinks about this whole campaign cycle is that it will drive the conversati­on further to the right rather than to strategies needed to get people working again, Hopefully the democrats will see that danger and respond by keeping JOBS in the national conversati­on.
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