Yes, it can be in times of injustice. I don’t think that I want to call it righteous anger because the term righteous can be twisted into the term self-righteous and then you can find the anger become dangerous. I’m speaking about the anger that comes from injustices against those who suffer from discrimination. I also mean the type of anger that gives rise to movements that are used to fight for the rights of those who are disenfranchised in society. There are numerous examples of movements that were born of anger against those that blocked freedoms of others or who willfully took advantage of those who had no power. The woman’s suffragette movement, the worker’s rights movement, the anti-apartheid movements and the civil rights movement. These were started and joined by those who shared an anger against the injustices suffered by many who were powerless to do anything to stop it.

Without that spark of anger, would the rights of women, blacks and disabled be recognized eventually by the goodness of mens hearts? I think not. If true goodness prevailed, we wouldn’t see injustice in this world. There wouldn’t exist an “us versus them” mentality that more often than not is born of fear.