Car wreckage

One of the most dangerous was a car accident that my soon to be husband and I were in 21 years ago on a small country road in Vermont. We were in my 2 month old Jeep Wrangler with the plastic hard top and we had just argued over me not putting my seat belt on, I grudgingly had it on and I was pouting. We were going down this road heading back to New York when the Jeep lurched, we weren't going too fast and we suddenly went up the side of the road and flipped over onto the roof. We were spinning in the road and I could hear the roof grating and cutting up, it was a horrible noise. Our heads were so close to the roof that I thought any minute the roof would fall apart and our heads would start grating apart. After what seemed like the longest time , we crashed into what we saw was a huge tree. In the middle of the spinning, we saw the windshield shatter and fold in itself and fly past us. When we hit the tree all out belongings shot out of the back down a steep ravine. Thank goodness for the tree because without it, we would have followed the baggage down the ravine. We found out after we undid our seat belts and dropped down onto our heads and crawled out of the wreckage that the rear axle of the Jeep had cracked in half during the drive and we lost the left wheel down the road somewhere. I was scared to be in a car for a good solid year after that because it isn't normal for a car to lose a wheel when it's brand new.

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