I would really like to be cremated and put on a mantle, and then fought over throughout the future generations because keeping me would bring good luck. Just kidding about the being fought over part. Eventually someone is going to put me somewhere permanently, I guess, I just don’t want to be buried. I have a thing against being underground, maybe it’s because I’m claustrophobic? I don’t know.

If there was going to be a tombstone or plaque, I would hope that someone would mention that I loved being a mother to my two children and that I was a wife who worked hard at being married. And that I loved a lot, laughed a lot, cooked a lot, read a lot and wrote a lot. If there is enough room, that I was a good listener, I was interested, curious and I cared.

I suppose that most often what we see on tombstones isn’t what the deceased planned but rather what the family feels best sums up the person they are mourning. Do I think that what I wrote above would actually be etched onto my tombstone? I think the cooking part and the laughing part, definitely. The wife and mother part would be in their own words and the rest probably wouldn’t make it in but you never know. I wonder if people’s spirits still lingered after passing on, how many would be upset by what they saw or didn’t see written on their tombstone. Would they even care? Does it really matter in the end? I suppose the tombstone is really only for posterity’s sake, you can’t take it with you.