I admire Mr. Krugman’s unfailing sense of patriotic duty in calling out the wrong-head­ed economic direction and policies the lawmakers in Washington continue to focus on and push. We have to however ask ourselves, how much insanity are we going to continue to accept from our policy makers in Washington­? We have tangible evidence that the Bush tax cuts did nothing to grow oue economy, they instead are the prime driving factor in our short term deficit. We have historical data that proves that supply-sid­e economic theory is bogus and only serves the rich. We also have historical data from the depression years that when the private sector is depressed economical­ly, the government needs to step in and stimulate the economy by creating jobs. Instead, we are living in an insane world where the republican­s are driving the national conversati­on repeating all the talking points that have been proven wrong but are still being accepted as valid. Where can we get off this train wreck? When is someone going to wake up and say we have been going in the wrong direction for too long. It’s time to address the JOBS deficit once and for all.
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