I have a talent for spatial organization, I discovered this when I was thirteen and I was given the Rubik’s cube as a birthday present. It took me three months to figure it out and I did so by being able to see the cube spatially in a 3-dimensional image in my mind. It helped me visualize how moving one level of the 3 squares would offset another level of 3 squares and how they would inter-relate. That vision of how things occupied space in a three-dimensional fashion came to serve me well in the restaurant business, parking cars and working in retail.

I don’t have occasion to really use it these days, I haven’t moved in 17 years and packing for a trip is so simple that in my mind, it doesn’t count. When I worked as a catalog coordinator for Conran’s-Habitat twenty years ago, my responsibilities included tracking, shipping and managing the furniture and accessories for the catalog. I had the knack of being able to pack whatever size truck on hand so efficiently that everything fit and I saved quite a bit for our budget by optimizing space, the smaller the truck the less the cost. This talent really was a god send when I had to pack up furniture samples and merchandise and ship them wherever the catalog photo shoots were taking place. Shipping cross-country was especially costly and the tighter, more consolidated the pallet, the more money I had available for other things regarding the catalog, such as food expenses, gas and lodging.

Nowadays, I don’t even think about it much because it isn’t really a special talent, good for packing up a house or breaking down a movie set or perhaps a concert, but not really that special. I’m happy still solving my old Rubik’s cube to keep the wiring in my brain clear of cobwebs. When I was younger, I shouldn’t have thought to try to get into the packing industry, I might have found my calling or at least a steady paycheck. I don’t think that it would have been my passion, though I was very good at it. At times it was very satisfying to be able to pack up a truck and seeing that everything fit like a jigsaw puzzle without any space wasted. Like I said not a very special talent, but it was mine and it was useful.