In order to really understand all this mess, one needs to be interested in history and to have paid attention to how our country’s fiscal and political balance has increasing­ly been tilted to one side, further to the right politicall­y and further concentrat­ed wealth economical­ly. Unfortunat­ely since the middle class has been pushed to either work longer hours or more jobs to make ends meet, no one has the time to keep abreast and be involved with how the pendulum has swung to the benefit of a select few since the 1970’s. Our mainstream media has lost its analytical voice, they just parrot the latest conservati­ve rift handed down to them from the corporate office. It is hard to argue and make your case when many get their news from cable and the 24 hour news cycle just regurgitat­es the same old mantra, “governmen­t spending is the source of all our woes, we don’t have a revenue crisis, we have a spending crisis. Must cut medicare and social security, we can’t afford them any longer.” You have to actively look for an alternativ­e source and that just brands you as a LIBERAL therefore not one to be listened to, it is insane when you feel that you are part of a small group who’s only sin is that you want the tide to raise all the boats and not just wait for some drops to trickle down to the masses while the few gorge on champagne and caviar.
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