Methinks the right protesteth too much. All this hollering that our economy is up a creek without a paddle from the right is only them trying to forever distract the public from actually taking two minutes and rememberin­g that “Oh yeah, it has been republican policies all along that got us into this mess. The Bush tax cuts, the unpaid two wars, the prescripti­on Medicare part D also unpaid for, the TARP bill and refusing to vote a bigger stimulus and saying NO to everything that could have helped those of us in dire need of help”. I feel that if we sit back and remember that the President has accomplish­ed quite a lot in his first term and that the GOP is doing all they can to undo everything that he has done, instead of trying to get the economy back on its feet. That alone would make the case that the GOP governs very badly. The GOP ran on JOBS for 2010 and they have done NOTHING.
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