Love means different things to different people, obviously. Love isn’t something safe, when you have love in your life, you are extremely blessed, on the flip side for as much as you are blessed you are equally as devastated if the loss ever happens. Love means taking risk with your heart, leaving yourself vulnerable to someone else. Love is also very revelatory, you often get to know yourself in ways you hadn’t before. Ask any parent, the first time you meet your baby, you are instantly overwhelmed by emotions of tremendous love. You learn the depths of your heart, you learn how to let go of self, you learn of a greater purpose. At long last you really experience and understand what is meant by unconditional love. It is a beautiful thing.

There is that old clichĂ© from the movie “Love Story”, love means never having to say you’re sorry. I find that to be far from true. Love means saying what needs to be said to ease the pain of the other. Love means being aware and sensitive to someone outside yourself. Love means saying you’re sorry, love means I accept your apology, love means I’ve got it right now, you take it easy, love means I need your help. Love means that we are in this together no matter what. Love means taking the time to keep the loving alive and healthy, love untended can fade like an untended garden. Love can slip away once the two parties stop looking after it. So more than anything else, love should never be taken for granted, it can be scary but love is the greatest gift of all.