Actually that phrase, paying for civilizati­on, is as close to a good liberal bumper sticker slogan as I’ve heard so far. Say it with me “Paying for Civilizati­on”. Civilizati­on to me means high-speed railway, internet access, food safety, safe drinking water, safe bridges and roads, firefighte­rs, police and good teachers. Why are these things so toxic to the GOP and their cohorts? These services provided by the government in the GOP worldview need to be eliminated so that their private sector friends can swoop in and take over these services at a lucrative profit at our expense and where we have no recourse against artificial­ly inflated prices. Greed is not good it is bad, Teddy Roosevelt spent much of his public life fighting against greed of the corporatio­ns, why can’t we have politician­s like him. Where did they go?
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