This is going to be hard, I have to really think about it since I have always been curious about different cuisines and have had the good fortune to try so many of them.

I’ve made the exercise a family affair and sad to say that all three of us can’t think of anything new that we want to try. We are missing one member, my son, which is too bad because he also shares a love of new cuisine. He might have been of help.

I have a wonderful subscription to Saveur magazine, an excellent resource for discovering new markets, new recipes and old classics. Over the years of receiving my magazines, I have taken all these new ingredients and ran with them. I highly recommend taking a look-see at this magazine if cuisine, American and otherwise, interests you.

I am going to have to keep this post in the back of my mind and revisit it so that I can update it, when I either remember a new food item that I wanted to try or if I come across something new that intrigues me. It’s the least that I can do since I feel that I failed somehow by not being able to think of one new thing that I want to try.