The ignorance put forth by many of the tea party activists is astounding­. They obviously do not understand the bigger picture, what makes me nervous is they created a situation where major companies and big investors are making contingenc­y plans to do investing and expansion elsewhere. The GOP has been saying that because of President Obama, the business sector wasn’t expanding and hiring because they were nervous about uncertain tax codes. We all know that was a blatant lie, companies weren’t hiring because of little to no demand for goods and services. Ironically the GOP and tea party have themselves created such an unsafe environmen­t for business with their refusal to simply lift the debt ceiling. Once companies and investors research alternate venues for investment and expansion opportunit­ies you can’t undo that. We may have gone past the point of no return all because of the GOP and their tea party. I hope that they are proud of their wrecking of the U.S economy.
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