This needn’t be so painful, when we were all paying Clinton era tax rates, there weren’t protests in the streets because the people felt their tax burden too heavy. Letting the Bush tax rates expire is responsibl­e fiscal policy and not too onerous. Scaling down the military industrial complex would be an excellent place to start with savings. I for one am willing to pay for federal government services such as the E.P.A, the F.D.A, the F.A.A, any regulatory agency that protects my family from poor water, air and food quality is worth it. I agree that medicare and medicaid need to be looked at but adopting a single payer system with everyone under its coverage umbrella would do so much in regards to long term savings. All this brouhaha is over the choice of what version of America you want to live in. Personally I like the one where we are all in this together and not to version of kill or be killed.
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