The two scariest thing to this whole debt ceiling/de­ficit reduction debacle are number 1, the two are not tied to each other but many people think that they are, so misinforma­tion is rampant. Secondly, we have historical data to lead us out of this mess of a depression­. The Great Depression offers a blueprint of what to do and what not to do and our government has chosen what not to do as a course of action. That is what I mean by scary, how do you explain your decisions when there is a record that simply shows that you have made the wrong choices to fix a huge problem? We have had the answers all along, when we saw that once again, deregulati­on was a huge mistake, the congress still wants to do away with any type of financial regulation­s President Obama signed into law. How do you explain that? Austerity measures failed in 1937 and they are failing now, why put us through that again? It’s in the history books!
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