I feel my eyelids flutter, I hear my inner voice saying “think of nothing, think of blackness”. I hear and feel my blood flowing in my neck and my brain feels like it’s swelling up. My stomach is rumbling and gurgling. There is everything and anything going on in my body and hence in my mind rather than nothing. Even when I turn off the t.v at night and close my eyes, I never think of nothing when I fall asleep. My brain just falls asleep and then dreams a lot. I find that it is when I try to think of nothing that my brain goes into hyper-drive and when I am simply relaxing that is when my brain is calm and it feels like my brain is thinking of nothing even though it isn’t really.

I have tried meditation and I fall asleep but I do have this uncanny ability to fall asleep anytime and anywhere, so I don’t know if that has any relevance to the question. It does seem that I can at least easily tune out all the noise and sleep, regardless of the stress and problems I may be experiencing at the moment. It is nice to know that I always have sleep available to me to escape to when I feel overwhelmed by daily life. I like my little blessing.