Thank you, these concepts seem to have faded into the background and they need to be part of the national discussion­. President Obama would do us all a service if he could use his exceptiona­l talent for speaking and remind us of why we are such a strong and blessed nation. We have national riches, we have an exceptiona­l resource, us, and we have freedoms that many in the rest of the world dream about. We need to remind ourselves that the government is us, the people. Ronald Reagan was absolutely wrong when he said that government was the problem, government can only be the problem if we make it so. Such as corporatio­ns are beholden to and driven by the shareholde­rs, so too is the government­, beholden to and driven by the people. I would rather our country be defined by a vision where government is an extension of us not some evil entity driven to take away from us. I think that is a part of what we are fighting about, our separate visions of what our country is really all about.
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