This is all deceit and knowing manipulati­on on D.C’s part. Why are they bothering to advance budgets first of all that are tied to a vote on the debt ceiling? The two have nothing to do with each other, by doing so, the GOP and the tea party are saying explicitly that unless they get their way and do away with any and all social safety programs they will tank the country for everyone. Secondly, the budget plans themselves are a joke, they all need to lift the debt ceiling anyway and budgets are theoretica­lly voted on yearly, these plans say they will cut spending 10 years down the road, so what is up with that. The President won’t be in office 10 years from now and hopefully these yahoo’s won’t either. Who knows what calamity will befall us 10 years from now? Are they going to strip away our potential to deal with any future trouble? All because of the GOP and the fanatical tea party. Just lovely.
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