Personally, I hope that 3D movies will not become the norm as they appear to be heading that way. When Avatar came out in its 3D version, it was breathtaking and it felt right. The movie and technology complimented each other perfectly. My husband and I are avid movies goers and after Avatar, it felt like everyone just jumped on the bandwagon, regardless of whether the story really needed the benefit of 3D technology. Apparently as long as there were action scenes, that validated the need for 3D. All this bandwagon jumping is making 3D less special and more run of the mill. I’m not sure why, but 3D movies give me headaches, so unless the story is really worth it, I’ve asked my husband to go 3D-less and accompany me, the old lady, to the 2D version and he hasn’t complained, not even once. So perhaps, even for a sci-fi gadget junkie like my husband, 3D isn’t required for every single story out there.