It galls me to no end all the theatrics over a balanced budget from the GOP and the tea party folk. The democrats under Clinton gave them budgetary surpluses and what did they do with them? They squandered those surpluses, they used those surpluses to party like it was 1999, “let’s give out tax cuts”, let’s keep pushing deregulati­on of the financial industry, Robert Rubin helped start the tide, it can’t be bad. Let’s just finance the two wars to our future generation­s, we don’t have to raise taxes for the war effort like the good old days, heck we just lowered them. Wouldn’t that make us look stupid. I could go on but the point is that the GOP has a lot to answer for and they have no right to hold our economy over the fire like they are doing right now. President Obama needs to blow out the fire and take the air out of their sails by declaring the debt ceiling unconstitu­tional and proceed with business as usual.
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