I started thinking of material things, such as, would I want 200 hundred more books? No, because I have at least 200 books, I have just added a few that I haven’t started yet and I am running out of shelves and bookcases. The same goes with shoes and handbags, can’t wear them all or have the room to properly store them. Books, shoes and handbags are my material weaknesses, but I don’t have the logistical capacity for more of them, which is fine because they are simply possessions anyway, and you can’t take them with you in the end.

Speaking of the end, I might be open to the concept of having 200 hundred lives. I think that one of the “tragedies” of human life is the finite part of being alive. One day you are here and the next day you are gone. Sometimes in that one life, there may have been a crossroads where the choice you made put you on the path towards the right and you will never know what would have happened if you had chosen to go left. What would the journey have held for you then?

Having the ability to have 200 hundred lives with the capacity of remembering each and every past life would afford me the opportunity to really be a free spirit. It would even allow me to live recklessly, foolishly, without fear. I might eventually find a way to exorcise all my demons and really get to know myself and all my hidden talents and passions. I wonder how many lives I would have to burn through before I was able to really get my act together? My prayer would be to eventually evolve into the best possible me there is. I would be curious to know, that after hopefully learning and understanding myself well enough to become the best me, would I begrudge that last life or would I peacefully accept that the 200th lifetime would be my last? I would hope that at the end I would leave this earth graciously and at peace.

My husband mentioned money and that he would want 200 of a million or better yet 200 of a billion dollars. What is interesting to me is that I didn’t even for one second go to money in my mind. I immediately went to, like I wrote in the beginning, books, shoes and then handbags. It was only when I realized that I didn’t have the room in my house that I thought of 200 more lives so that I can play do over with my choices in life. Since I clearly don’t jump on the money aspect of life, I wonder if that could possibly mean that it would take quite a few lifetimes before I got the money thing squared away? But like I said above with the books, shoes and handbags, you can’t take it with you, not even money. So, I like my choice better.