By this time the American people should realize that this debt ceiling crisis is a man made one. The debt ceiling has never been used as a loaded gun pointed at the economy before, this is the first time. The GOP is on a tear to bring down the President and they don’t care about collateral damage. I have to say that situation would make for a really interestin­g paper on the difference­s between Pelosi as Speaker and Boehner as Speaker. The accepted wisdom in Washington was that the GOP held themselves as a discipline­d block of votes whereas the democrats were all over the place, sometimes it looked like herding sheep, except for the time of Pelosi as Speaker. Boehner now as Speaker is stuck with trying to find his sheep let alone herd them back into formation. Is it simply the phenomena of the tea party or was it the exceptiona­l skill of Pelosi that made her so productive­?
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