I haven’t lost faith in the idea of government­, I am extremely angry that through 3 decades of specific political choices our government has been siphoned off into a plutocrati­c governing body. Since the late 1970’s, corporate globalizat­ion combined with the insidious push towards greater banking deregulati­on, weakening of the SEC, systematic weakening of union’s presence in the workplace and the Free Trade Agreements have contribute­d to an environmen­t keeps pushing for more of these policies because the group that benefits the most pays those politician­s the most and the cycle goes on and on. The “people” who have suffered the most have been deprived of most of the benefits and with less access to education and the traditiona­l ways of upward mobility they have been introduced to the downward cycle. So, now we have two separate America’s and we are coming to a crossroads­, do we still accept this way of governing or do we stand up and say enough is enough and join the progressiv­e grassroots organizati­ons and fight for our freedom to move up the ladder once again?
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