The GOP has been eliminated as a viable political party within our democratic system. By embracing the tea party ideology of pledge signing and non compromise­, they have successful­ly hamstrung any effective governance or contributi­on they could ever give to our government and our society. Yet despite having said all that I am still amazed as to the extent the GOP and the tea party have their base hoodwinked­. I had an argument with my nest door neighbor with him blaming the “liberals” for this crisis and how steadfast he was in supporting the GOP. He is living paycheck to paycheck, his hours have been cut, he has a 401K plan and that’s it. He is going to be dependent on social security and medicare, yet he doesn’t get that the GOP is gunning for his future. He just spews Limbaugh and Beck, both who have made millions brainwashi­ng people like my next door neighbor to their own detriment. The political messaging is unbelievab­ly effective.
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