I know that I have been saying this for a while but the democrats have got to find a way to convince the other half of the American people that all these charts that show that the short term deficit all go back to the horrendous economic policies implemente­d by the Bush administra­tion. Two tax cuts while engaging in two wars overseas is humongous economic stupidity. Then you have an economic meltdown on top of that where jobs are lost by the millions, you will have extraordin­arily less revenue and there you have a sort term deficit. The CBO has shown that by simply letting the Bush tax cuts expire, we get out of the hole that we are in so it stands to reason that any agreement has to have revenue increase especially in the wealthy category. What really gets me however is that there isn’t a need to do all this we can’t raise the debt ceiling without an agreement over the budget. The two are separate issues, one can be done without the other.
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