Right now I am in my dream house. My house isn’t the Taj Mahal but it’s mine and I love my home. It’s an old house, built in 1760, and still settling, which gives it a quirky charm. Over the years what I loved most about my house is that my children would have their friends over and I would still have peace and quiet. They could run around the house and I wouldn’t even hear them while I was doing other things. Playmates were so easy because this house is great for hide and go seek, we also have a nice backyard for outdoor games. Having four bedrooms also made sleepover’s relatively easy, didn’t have to worry about overcrowding.

My second favorite feature of my house is my kitchen. It is large with a breakfast nook or dining area and a separate counter top with kitchen stools. Whenever, we have friends or family over, everyone congregates in the kitchen. That is usually the norm for everyone when entertaining. What makes my kitchen special for me is that mine is large enough to accommodate quite a large group without feeling squeezed.

In the future when I’m older and this house becomes too much to keep up, I hope to retire to the southwest of France near my family and purchase a smaller house in the small town of Le Canon. My future dream house will be stucco walls with a red terra-cotta shingled roof as is customary in the area. The house would have two bedrooms, a living room/dining room and a medium-sized kitchen. My children and hopefully grandchildren would be visiting and since I doubt that they would all come at once, the number of rooms would be enough. I would definitely want two bathrooms, which in France means something different from here. In France the bathrooms are separated into two components, the toilet is the water closet and the shower/bath and sink is the bathroom. So I would definitely love to have two water closets and one bathroom. Each room would have french doors leading out to the wrap around terrace and the house itself would be set back away from the road. I would have a big enough garden to tend to myself, smaller than what I have today. My house would be right down the street from the farmer’s market that is open daily from 7:00 a.m to 11:30 a.m. I would be only 45 minutes from the beautiful city of Bordeaux so culturally I would have the opportunity to visit museums, the opera house and nice restaurants. Mostly, I would be relaxing in my comfortable home near the ocean and the bay. The town of Le Canon is located on the small isthmus south of Bordeaux which juts out into the Bay de Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean. Those are my two dream homes, present and future. I’m happy in my home right now but I do hope to retire to my dream home sometime in the future.