Do they honestly think that, just by creating s committee that is bigger and has the word super in it, that happy days, we have found the solution, it will work! How can it work when many of the GOP are beholden to Grover Norquist and his anti-tax pledge and to the Koch brothers, don’t forget the bankers and Wall Street. They won’t negotiate now and they won’t negotiate in a super-size­d committee/­congress. I’m scared that in the future, the history books will have a chapter or two on the explosive rise and fall of the United States. A nation that burned so brightly with promise but in the end burnt itself out. If the continued cuts come at the expense of education, infrastruc­ture, public research and developmen­t and our people themselves­, we are going to devolve into a third world nation and some would argue that we are already there.
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