A huge problem we have as democrats is that the GOP is so effective in political messaging. It also doesn’t help that most news media, take the message and repeat it until it becomes a type of political mantra or gospel. The GOP have convinced their base to compare their own household budgets to that of the U.S. They are nothing alike, they don’t operate by the same principles­, they don’t have the same constraint­s. It is really a ludicrous analogy. If the democrats were to try to repudiate their argument, it would have to be in a similar vein, to get the point across. To reference the injustice of cutting social security benefits, if within your family, the wife had put aside 20 dollars every week from her paycheck into a special savings account to do something important with in the future, something that would do a lot to keep her from becoming a financial burden on the rest of the family and some other member of the family decided to raid the account and also to put restrictio­ns on that account, how many families would accept that behavior, well that is exactly what the GOP is doing to every single one of us Americans who have paid into medicare/m­edicaid and social security. Maybe that would help the democrats with their message to the people. They have to come up with a better way of communicat­ing their values and beliefs.
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