Talk about bullying, the GOP is betting on President Obama’s reason and logic and using it against him. It reminds me a those cheesy B rated movies where the villains are so dangerous because they don’t care, innocents can get hurt, it doesn’t faze them in the least, as long as they get their money and power. Sound familiar? The GOP in the starring role of our melodrama, the debt ceiling. They speak about being christian, where is there any evidence that they actually follow the teachings of Jesus? All their policies assault the very livelihood of the less than fortunate, they worship at the altar of the Koch brothers. The GOP has their own version of over the top spending and that is tax cuts and tax breaks and subsidies. All those things amounts to money spent by the GOP that goes into the coffers of the corporatio¬≠ns and the wealthy. We have to wake up and stop this craziness, it is really inflicting a lot of pain on the most people. It isn’t right.
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