High schools all across the U.S need to offer a history class that includes a brief synopsis of what medicare, medicaid and social security really means for people, how they are funded exactly, what role they play in our government­s budgets. Just an overview, so that our future adults are not burdened by ignorance or misinforma­tion, as most of the GOP lawmakers are right now on capital hill. We also need to find a better word than entitlemen­t, even though the dictionary states that “the right to guaranteed benefits under a government program”. The definition doesn’t clarify why the benefits are guaranteed­, (we and our employers paid those benefits and they are deposited in a separate fund). Entitlemen­t is a little ambiguous and in these times we need to be very specific with our words. Aside from the vocabulary lesson, a lesson in logic is also in order. If the unemployme­nt rate went back down to the 5% range, social security would be paid in by employers and their workers. Part of the reason job creation is so important, Congress, so do your job and start paying attention to the job deficit and lay off our social security.
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