I don’t know about all of you but I am fed up with the theatrics and the plans A,B and/or C from the party for two, the gang of 5 or 6, (depending on who’s coming to dinner), and the tea partiers. At this rate, they have wasted all this time trying to look serious and that they are doing something, when in fact they are doing nothing! It is going to come down to the wire and the debt ceiling will be raised and one side is going to say “It’s the other sides fault we couldn’t come up with a budget plan, Vote them out of office” And the fight goes on while we the people are left still looking for jobs that don’t exist because while Wall Street has recovered very nicely, they are not and never have been JOB CREATORS, they push electronic impulses through the air and that makes money because stocks increase or decrease in value. The nitty gritty of creating jobs has left our country, sailing for cheaper labor elsewhere and no one in government is doing anything about it. So I am fed up with this circus act we are witnessing in D.C. We need something of substance right now such as infrastruc­ture investment­, get us back to work.
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