I would love to know how many tea party members have received Pell grants to go to college, are receiving social security checks, take the highways, use the internet, use medicare or live on disability­, are recipients of agricultur­al subsidies? The government has had both a quiet presence and like with the Wall Street bailout (thank you President Bush) a huge presence in our lives. Our huge highway system (thanks to President Eisenhower­) due to government works, the internet part of the DOD work in computeriz­ation. This small but hugely vocal part of the republican party need a time machine so that they can go back to the world of 18th century America or England whichever they prefer. Their vision does not coincide with the realities of America today. The GOP politician­s need to grow a spine and stand up to them because you can’t tell me that Boehner and a few of his buddies are really comfortabl­e with this version of extremism.
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