I am so glad that the president spelled it out loud and clear to Cantor and that he is taking his case to the people today. This intransige­nce on the GOP part over corporate subsidies, tax loopholes and the like is clearly a message to the majority of the American people. The GOP doesn’t care about us common folk and the faster that their base wakes up and realizes that sad fact, the better off we will all be. The GOP and their friends have done a heck of a job selling all their economic theories, that in the long run only benefit two groups, the wealthy and the corporatio­ns, to their base. However, in the long run there are reams of empirical evidence that show that their economics have devastated the middle and lower classes. This strict dichotomy between government and private business in terms of which is most productive to society is becoming our Achilles heel. Why does it have to be one or the other? Government has a place in all of our lives, and it isn’t a negative one either. Case in point, corporatio­ns are sitting on tons of cash, the demand out there is essentiall­y zero, private sector will not launch any employment plans so this is when the government can step in to fill the vacuum and start infrastruc­ture projects and get Americans back to work.
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