It is perfectly acceptable to kill things like mosquitoes, black flies and ticks. I am highly allergic to mosquitoes and black flies and I think that they know it and enjoy tormenting me. I can be in a crowd of people and those pesky little critters will target me and me alone. I was in Costa Rica with my friend and our guide, they were admiring a butterfly (it was pretty, it had transparent wings with a thin bright purple stripe down each wing) for, it felt like forever, and I was standing next to them and all you could hear was my hand slapping various parts of my body trying to get the blood sucking bugs off of me. Finally, I said “can we move on, I’m dying here!”. I hate spiders as well but I do know that they eat a lot of other bugs that are worse. So, I try to leave them alone but it is difficult.

In terms of food, I’m French and a carnivore, those two traits tend to mean that we are fine with killing what we need to eat. But I have found, that the older I get, the less appealing meat has become and it isn’t due to issues of killing, I have simply lost my desire for meat.I do think that we should treat our feed animals, all animals basically, humanely. I am against factory farming, it’s cruel and abusive from start to finish. When I purchase chicken, I always purchase chickens that are hormone and antibiotic free. I also try to do the same with beef and pork. We absolutely do not need the additional antibiotics given to animals who live in overcrowded situations and we need additional hormones even less. I would love to be able to feed myself and my family as much as possible with the farm to table philosophy. This approach is possible more and more these days, what you need is time to do research and to reach out to the sources. I think that becoming more mindful of our choices at the table, the market and at the farm can only benefit us in terms of our health and our weight. Things that don’t hurt to keep an eye on.