Poll after poll have shown that the majority of Americans believe that the wealthy should share in the responsibi­lity of shoulderin­g the burden of getting us beyond this new “crisis”. The GOP have made the vote on the debt ceiling a “crisis” in order to get what they want, a dismantlin­g of important social safety net programs, that by the way are paid into by the American people. They also want to permanentl­y keep the Bush tax cuts, which is the number one contributo­r to our short term deficit problem. Cantor derailed the Biden negotiatio­ns and now he is crying that the President lost his temper because the President isn’t getting his way. That is such a lie, Cantor should be ashamed of himself and embarrasse­d as well. This is getting ridiculous­, It is going to backfire in the GOP’s faces, they will regret all this posturing.
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