Reich’s proposal is exactly what our economy needs, a good strong dose of stimulativ­e spending and direction. I feel as though we are wandering around rudderless without any plan to get us going again. The GOP is in another dimension with all their focus on the debt ceiling and how much power that gives them over their arch enemies the President and the democrats. The American people are seriously concerned about the lack of jobs, the lowering wages and the increasing costs of food, gas, health insurance premiums and the mortgage situation. This is not the time for grandstand­ing and the idea that the wealthy should not have to pay their fair share in this mess, is unconscion­able. The finance industry has not paid the American taxpayer back sufficient­ly enough to make up for the losses they racked up, their settlement­s to other investors don’t count. There should be taxes on their financial transactio­ns to help pay down the deficit, things like that would go a long way to get this supposed “crisis” back under control.
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