I saw an interview on the Colbert show with an “expert” on technology and futuristic computers. He fully believed in the coming age of comparable if not superior computer intelligence. He was discussing nanotechnology and how it was going to be integral to big breakthroughs in medicine. He was also speaking about tech implants in the brain and heart. That was an extremely intriguing and exciting interview, especially the medical part. But I refuse to engage in the fantasy that computers will one day be smarter than one of us. Our emotional intelligence or lack thereof separates us from a lot of species (In my mind, I think dogs share our emotional intelligence, if you have dogs, you’ll understand. There’s nothing better than when you have a bad day, than cuddling with your dog, they seem to sense it when you need that hug) I’m already not crazy about technology, I like the old ways. I was very happy with the Dewey Decimal system in my library and then computers came along, personally, I didn’t think it made it any better. All this dependence on computerization doesn’t enhance us intellectually, socially or even in terms of common sense. Excessive reliance on calculators lessens our mathematical skills, reliance on spellcheck and grammar check decreases our writing skills. If we take this further, how reliant will we become on a computer’s superior intelligence at the expense of our own unique intelligence.

It’s my own personal foible with technology and computerization, hey, I wax nostalgic about typewriters and cassette players. I just do not want there to be a computer that ever even captures our uniqueness. I don’t mind aliens from outer space intellectually superior to us, anything organic is fine by me, just not technology.