There is something off about Boehner axing the “grand bargain” before they even meet on Sunday. I like the phrase “the irony of the situation is that the GOP loses it’s best chance to put some serious hurt on the social programs they hate the most because they won’t accept any tax increase.” This very point is what makes it so odd, and dangerous for us at the same time. This is not governing, it is irrational bullying on the GOP part. It is absolutely stomach retching to be witness to the hog tying of the American economy and political process and be subject to their whims. President Obama, to the increasing fear of democrats, has been very amenable to giving the GOP what they want. The GOP has only one thing in mind right now they will tank the economy just to make sure President Obama is a one term President. That is not leadership­, true leadership is when your actions are for the betterment of the people of our country as a whole, it doesn’t favor one class of people over the rest of the entire nation. Especially­, when that class of people are the only ones who can afford to keep you in power. That is just wrong, yet here we are.
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