When I first read the topic, I immediately leapt to the conclusion that the boundaries that were being referenced were the boundaries everyone has vis-a-vis the rest of the world, which is why I started my post with the following. For myself, I know that my boundaries have been breached whenever I feel uncomfortable or anxious. I’m generally an easy-going, laid back person. I like a certain physical distance between myself and people I don’t know very well. I enjoy my personal space, I am a gesticulating speaker, my hands help define my words, my emotions and my point of view. Sometimes, I guess that can be misunderstood for acceptance of touchy-feely behavior, usually if that happens, I just get a little quiet because at that point if someone gets too close and I don’t know them very well, I get very uncomfortable. Around my very close friends and family, I don’t have an issue with boundaries at all, I am affectionate. I simply enjoy my personal space and I try to maintain it with the rest of the world.

To address the other topic regarding boundaries, how far would I go? Where do I draw the line? I have a strong moral code. I keep secrets for my friends, I don’t engage in gossip and I try with all my might to never judge. I might fail, especially when I am railing against republican policies and such, but I really do try not to judge them, I just abhor their policies. I have made mistakes in my life, a lot of them, but I don’t remember crossing a line or a boundary. It is often easy to say things such as “I would kill anyone who hurt my child” but would you really go there? In my inner most mind, I don’t believe that I would be able to kill someone. I don’t have it in me. I might be wrong because I have never been in that situation of defending my children from imminent danger or myself for that matter. These questions are all hypothetical of course and they do make you think about yourself in newer ways than the usual day-to-day routine.