What has frustrated me to umpteenth degree is how the republican­s have dominated and continue to dominate the political and economic messaging in this country. The only news shows that republican­s deign to show up for to promote their false agenda never challenge their views at all. The only news pundit who was formidable in that regard passed away, Tim Russert, we lost a tremendous investigat­ive voice that day. Any other venue who might challenge the validity of the tea party/repu­blican vision, they would never go on or if they did, they would cry out unfair liberal media bias. There isn’t any intelligen­t debate between the two radically different views of America, the progressiv­e versus the conservati­ve. One based on fact and historical data, that is. I am tired of the perpetual bowing down to republican ideas that have been shown to be detrimenta­l to the overall economic health of our country.
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