Am I too lazy? I don’t think so, as I get older I procrastinate less and less. I don’t think that procrastination is laziness, it’s more about putting off something that you are not entirely comfortable doing. Life experience has simply taught me that you might as well take the bull by the horns, the situation will not go away or get easier the more you put it off. I would never characterize myself as lazy, not as a child or a teenager or as an adult. I’ve always been busy, busy studying, reading, doing chores, hanging out with friends, traveling, writing, living, getting married, working, having babies, having an eating disorder, recovering from the eating disorder, very busy. Lazy no, procrastinator in my younger years yes. Right now at this stage of my life, 44 years old, I am still busy, I procrastinate less and I give myself permission to concentrate on the tasks I really enjoy and get to the others when I’m ready to do them instead of that invisible timetable that apparently exists for everyone in some form or another.