Since the majority of the wealthy are to be found in the finance industry and it is through their shared greed, poor judgment, criminal negligence of proper due diligence in financial transactio­n that they brought a whole global economic system down to its knees, they decimated how many future retiree’s nest eggs? Demanding that they share the “sacrifice­” is our right. The 3 factors that have contribute­d to the short-term deficits are the Bush Tax Cuts, the 2 wars and the Great Recession. Since the tax cuts just put money in their pockets and did nothing to stimulate the economy, they don’t deserve them. Second, since they broke the economy, than they have to fix it and since they apparently either don’t want to or don’t know how to, well, then they have to pay for it. You broke it, you pay for it. Business 101. The only thing that we need to do for the long term deficit is apply medicare across the board for everyone and eliminate the payroll cap on social security. That’s it.
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