I spent some time thinking about this because I really don’t “need” anything. While I was walking Rex and Jack, I thought that I currently don’t have a career, and even though I’m working on my writing and developing the discipline required for writing and refining my voice, it’s not even close to a job that pays the bills, let alone a career. But when I got back to start writing, I saw that I had forgotten the ownership part and a career isn’t a thing and you usually don’t own a career, or if you do, it’s somebody else’s and you are in a bad movie.

The only thing that I want, but not for today or tomorrow, is a home in the southwest of France. The majority of my family live in Bordeaux and 45 minutes away from the city of Bordeaux is a beautiful place called la presqu’isle. Translation is an almost island and the main town at the end of the peninsula is called Cap Ferret and one of my cousin’s has a really nice house there. I have already been house hunting a few years ago in 2005 and I found the perfect house in the little village called Le Canon, about 10 minutes from my cousin’s. The house was full of potential, a perfect fixer-upper. Sadly, someone had just purchased it while I was getting the tour. I felt robbed that day. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, at that moment.

My dream for retirement is a house similar to the one that got away, in the village of Le Canon. I want to be able to walk to the neighborhood boulangerie and get my daily baguette. Then, continue my daily food shopping at the daily farmer’s market Le Marche, where the seafood is caught fresh daily right across the street in the Bay and off the Atlantic on the other side of the peninsula. The scent of the sea air mingled with the pine tree forests and sand is intoxicating. It is 24 hour aromatherapy in my little version of paradise. If I didn’t feel like fixing myself and my husband something for lunch or dinner, there are few little bistro’s and pizzeria’s, and if not those, then there is a wonderful gourmet shop with excellent prepared salads and local specialties.

So that is the one thing that I would want that I currently don’t have. It doesn’t need to happen anytime soon, just the possibility of it coming true is good enough for me right now.