A few years ago, my son was telling me all about his plans and dreams for his metal core band, I asked him when he was rich and famous, what would he do with his wealth? My baby boy said that the first thing he would do is buy his Maman a private Island. Love my baby boy, I’m still waiting but that’s o.k, it gives me time to perfect the constitution. I would have to make some adjustments since these days, my friend and I are still as close as ever, but she is no longer living next door, she and her husband have moved in with her mother to take care of her. I miss her so much. And my other half and I are in a much better place than we were before in our marriage and so the constitution would need to be amended.

At the time my very close friend was living next door and I told her about my private Island. I told her that if it ever happened, I would take her with me and no one else. She was completely on board with that one. During that time, we were both going through some tough times in our marriages so the last thing we wanted to do was to invite our other halves to the Island. We decided that the husbands would be allowed to visit once or twice a year, and for both arrivals and departures they would be required to wear blindfolds so that they could never come visit on their own. After we decided on that course of action with the husbands, I thought that it would make sense to do it to whomever we allowed to visit, so that we were in control of the number of visitors, when they would come and how long they would stay. Like I said before, we were both going through some tough times. We felt under-appreciated, alone in the marriage and in the work involved with a marriage. We also felt that there were so many demands being put on us from so many different directions that we both wanted to escape and the Island was the ideal retreat.
We used to sit and discuss how the island and its constitution would be set up. We didn’t really care who was President or Vice President, I think that we decided to be co-Presidents at one point. We did decide that the first law of the land be known to all as the law against complaining. It was the most important law in our eyes, punishment for breaking this law was immediate banishment. No excuses, no exemptions. Why this was the most important law of the Island was because we were married to two of the most chronic complainers known to man. We did not want to hear a complaint at all on our Island. All we desired for our Island was peace and quiet. We didn’t get to any other formal laws, we figured that we would be very happy and the staff we would have, would be treated so well that they wouldn’t want to leave and they would never betray our trust.

We designed our beautiful elegant mansion to be split into two wings, one for me and one for her. We would thus have a private retreat whenever we needed one from each other and the rest of the world. The kitchen would be outfitted with all the best appliances and cookware so that I can indulge my love of cooking and baking when I felt like it. Otherwise we would have an in-house chef to cook whatever local seafood we could have our people fish. Our people would have cabins throughout the island, the schedules would be determined in a democratic fashion, vacations would be paid and they would have 8 weeks however they wanted to take them. We would have or at least try to have a huge vegetable garden and groves of fruit trees. We would have a huge library in the house and an entertainment room, a home theatre, a few pool tables strewn around the house and by the pool. Would we have been bored? At that time I didn’t think so, we would have been happy with the peace and quiet. Now, would I be happy with my Island? I would say yes because this time I would have my family and friends around me free to come and go as they liked. Would the number one law of the land still be enforced? Yes it would, but banishment would no longer be the punishment, a simple time out would suffice to teach the perpetrator a lesson.